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Food is a very important part of Chinese culture. We beleive that eating good food brings harmony and closeness to friends and family.
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Served all day, every day
You can have a selection dim sum as a starter or as a meal

Har Kau (Prawn Dumpling) £4.25
Chicken & Pak Choi with Chive Dumpling £3.95
Chicken & Shitake Mushroom Dumpling £3.95
Beef Dumpling with Ginger and Spring Onion £3.95
Sui Mai (Prawn & Pork Dumpling) £3.95
Scallop & Prawn Dumpling £4.95
Char Sui Bun (Roast Pork Bun) £3.95
King Prawn in Garlic Sauce £6.95


Spicy Thai Style Fish Cake £4.95
Salmon Fish with Sweet Basil Spring Roll £4.95
Tiger Prawn with Avocado Won Ton £4.95
Tiger Prawn with Sesame Seed on Toast £4.95
Tiger Prawn Wrapped in Light Pastry(served with spicy mayo)£4.25
Chicken Gyoza (grilled chicken and vegetable dumpling) £3.95

Grilled Tiger Prawn and Spinach Dumpling  £4.95

Scallop and King Prawn Gyoza(grilled scallop and king prawn dumpling) £4.95

Crispy Seafood Roll with Oriental Sauce £4.95

Crispy Nori (baked seaweed )Roll with King Prawn £4.95

Hoi Sin Roasted Duck Spring Roll £3.95
Chicken with Onion Spring Roll £3.95
Spring Onion Pancake £3.95
Crispy Curry Beef Samosa £3.95
Crispy Spring Roll £3.95
Sweet Corn with Ground Peanut Cake £3.95
Mochi Dumpling (fried sticky rice dumpling with minced chicken vegetables in chilli yellow bean sauce)£3.95

New Tasty Baked Dim Sum Pastries  From  Oven 

Hoi Sin Roasted Duck with Raisin Puff £3.95

Honey Roasted Pork Puff  £3.60

Yellow Bean Chicken with Wild Mushroom Parcel £3.60


2 Prawn and Meat Dumplings, 2 King Prawn Dumplings, 2 Beef Dumplings with Ginger & Spring Onion, 2 Chicken & Pak Choi with Chive Dumplings, 2 Assorted Mushroom Dumpling, 2 Nori Rice Roll with  Chinese Radish


Crispy Kale, (2)Tiger King Prawn on Toast, (2)Hoi Sin Roasted Duck Spring Roll,
(2)Curry Beef Samosa, (2) Sweet Corn Cake with Ground Peanut

2 Skewers Chicken in Satay Sauce, 2 Skewers Lamb with Spices,
2 Skewers BBQ Pork with BBQ Sauce


2Hoi Sin  Roasted Duck with Raisin Puff , 2 Honey Roasted Pork Puff

2 Yellow Bean Chicken with Wild Mushroom Parcel ,


2 pcs Chicken Gyoza 2 pcs Mixed Vegetable Gyoza 2 pcs Spinach King  Prawn Gyoza

Crispy Aromatic Duck (served with hoisin sauce, vegetables & pancakes) 1/4 £12.95       1/2 £21.95

Traditional Clay Oven Roasted Juicy Spare Ribs £7.95

Baked Spare Ribs with Salt & Roasted Mixed Spices £7.95

Chicken Wings with BBQ Sauce  £5.95

Chicken with Ground Cashew nuts Lettuce Wrap £7.95

Warm Hoi Sin Roasted Duck with Rice Noodles Salad £7.95
Chive,Crunchy vegetables, HoiSin dressing

Crispy Fried Kale  £3.95

Chicken Skewers in Sate Sauce £5.95

Tempura Squid with Aromatic Spices £6.95

Sirloin Steak Roll Stuffed with Spices & Herbs in Black Pepper Sauce £7.95

King Prawn with Garlic, Herbs and Spices £6.95

Steamed King Scallop with Roasted Garlic & Black Bean  in the Shell £3.95 ea  min order 2


Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup £4.25
Crab Meat and Sweet Corn Soup  £4.95
Peking Hot and Sour Soup £4.25
Wan Ton and Vegetable Soup £4.95
Crab Meat &  Seafoods Broth  £5.95
Tom Yum King Prawn Soup (Thai style spicy and sour soup) £4.95

Sliced Roasted Duck in Plum £12.95
Traditional Clay Oven Roasted  Duck with Five Spices  £12.95
Sliced Roasted Duck with Fresh Orange Sauce £12.95
Hot Pot of Sliced Roasted Duck with Bamboo Shoots and Shiitake Mushrooms in Hoi Sin Sauce £12.95


Chicken, Asparagus, Assorted Vegetables and Cashew Nut £9.95
Chicken, Trio Mushrooms in Ginger Sweet Soy Sauce £9.95
Chicken Escallop in Fresh Lemon lime Sauce £9.95
Crispy Chicken with Mandarin Sauce (spicy, fruity sauce) £9.95
Sweet and Sour Chicken £9.95
Diced Chicken with Chilli and Garlic £9.95
Sliced Chicken Singapore Style (highly Seasoned and spicy) £9.95
Sliced Chicken in Sate Sauce £9.95
Sai Chai Chicken (spicy BBQ sauce shanghai style) £9.95
Curry Chicken £9.95
Chicken in Spicy Sichuan Sauce £9.95
Chicken with Black Bean and Spring Onion (served on a hot sizzling platter) £9.95
Chicken in Black Pepper, Garlic Sauce (served on a hot sizzling platter) £9.95

Chicken in Teriyaki Sauce (served on a hot sizzling platter) £9.95

Crispy Sliced Chicken with Spices, Roasted Salt, Sichuan Pepper Corn £9.95

Chicken in Thai Red Curry £9.95
Spicy Tea-Smoke Flavoured Chicken with Broccoli £9.95


Sizzling Fillet Steak with Chilli, Sweet Onion and Five Spices Roasted Salt £16.95
Sizzling  Fillet Steak with Ginger & Spring Onion £16.95
Sizzling Fillet Steak with Black Pepper & Garlic Sauce £16.95
Sizzling Fillet Steak Cantonese Style  £16.95
Sizzling Fillet Steak in Teriyaki Sauce £16.95
(ginger, sake, sweet soy sauce)

Sizzling Fillet Steak with Spice Red Wine Sauce  £16.95

Dry Crispy Shredded Chilli Fillet Beef £12.95
Hot Pot Five Spices Slow cooked Beef with Black Bean Sauce £10.95
Hot Pot Aubergine with Beef Fillet in Hot Red Chilli Sauce £10.95

Fillet of Lamb with Ginger & Spring Onion (served on a hot sizzling platter) £12.95
Fillet of Lamb Sweet Onion & Red Chilli with Roasted Spices(served on a hot sizzling platter) £12.95
Fillet of Lamb Mongolia Style (served on a hot sizzling platter) £12.95

NEW !!! Slow Cooked Boneless Lamb Shank in Chinese Rose Wine Sauce £13.95


Lobster with Stir Fried Noodles in Ginger & Spring Onion Sauce £ Seasonal Price
Steamed Sea Bass with Ginger, Spring Onion and Supreme Soy Sauce £22.95
Stir-fried Monk Fish in Chilli Garlic Sauce £13.95
Stir-fried Monk Fish with Ginger and Sweet Soy Sauce £13.95
Sizzling Roasted Sea Bass Fillet with Roasted Spices and Chilli Pepper £13.95
Crispy Cod with Spicy Thai Coconut Sauce £13.95
Crispy Cod with Roasted Spices £13.95

Crispy Cod with Sweet and Sour  Sauce £13.95

Sweet & Sour King Prawn £12.95

Fried King Prawn with Fresh Asparagus & Pak Choi £12.95
Sizzling King Prawn with Spring Onion & Chilli Black Bean Sauce £12.95
King Prawn with Cashew nuts and Vegetables £12.95
Sizzling King Prawn in Hot Red Chilli and Garlic Sauce  £12.95

King Prawn in Thai Coconut Green Curry £12.95

Sizzling King Prawn Shanghai Style £12.95
(King Prawn grilled with spices and supreme soy-based sauce)
King Prawn with Cashewnuts in Spicy Kung Po  Sauce £12.95

Crispy King Prawn with Sweet Chilli Bean & Garlic Sauce £12.95

Grilled Scallop with Pak Choi in Sweet Soy Sauce £13.95

Mixed Seafood with Homemade Chilli Sauce £14.95

(king prawns, squids, scallops in a heritage homemade chili sauce with chilies, shallots, roasted garlic, spices,  seafood paste)

Tempura Squid & Scallops with Chilli, Spices Roasted Salt £13.95

Sizzling Char Siu (roasted pork) with Ginger and Spring Onion £9.95
Sweet and Sour Pork £9.95
Traditional Clay Oven Roasted Pork Cantonese Style with Chinese Greens  £9.95

Green Bean with Roasted Pork in Supreme XO Sauce £9.95

Stir Fried Asparagus in Chilli Garlic Sauce £4.95
Fine Green Bean with Chilli Black Bean Sauce £4.95
Aubergine Cooked with Sichuan Spices £4.95
Stir Fried Mixed Seasonal Chinese Vegetables £4.95


Fried Soft Noodles with Bean Spout & Spring Onion £4.95
Fried Crispy Noodles £4.00
Vermicelli Singapore Style (prawn, roasted pork stir-fried with spices) £10.95
Spicy Mixed Seafood Fried Rice £13.95
Rice Bowl Special Fried Rice (seafood, roasted pork, roasted duck, chicken, vegetables) £12.95
Yang Chow Fried Rice £9.95
Egg Fried Rice £3.50
Boiled Rice £3.00
Fried  Chow Mein Noodles ( soft or crispy ) with Mixed Meats £12.95
Fried Chow Mein Noodles ( soft or crispy )with Seafood £13.95
Fried Noodles with Chicken £11.95
Fried Noodles with Beef in Black Bean Sauce £11.95
Pad Thai £12.95
The original Thai noodle, stir-fried with egg, tiger prawns, fresh green bean, bean sprouts, spring onion, red chili pepper, coriander leaves, topped with roasted peanut
Mee Goreng £11.95
The original Malaysian yellow egg noodle stir-fried with chicken, fresh ground red chili paste, tomato, cucumber, bean sprouts, spring onion, potato, shallot, and pak choi


Crispy Mock Duck served £8.95
with pancakes and leek, Cucumber, Hoi Sin Sauce
A Basket of Buddha  Favourite Dim Sum with Crispy Kale  £9.95

(2)Sweet corn Cake with Ground Peanut,(2)Spicy Vegetable Croquette
(2)Curry Vegetables Samosa,(2)Crispy Vegetable Spring Roll

Frittered Garlic Mushroom £4.95
Crispy Vegetables Spring Roll £3.95
Steamed Spring Vegetables  Dumpling £3.95

Fluffy Seasonal Vegetable Buns £3.95

Vegetable Gyoza (grilled vegetable dumpling) £3.95
Spring Onion Pancakes £3.95
Tempura Mixed Vegetables with Spicy Peanut Sauce £6.95
Finely Chopped Vegetables with Nuts in Lettuce Wrap £7.95
Crispy Curried Vegetables Samosa £3.95
Spicy Vegetables Croquette Vietnamese Style £3.95
Sweet corn Cake with Ground Peanut £3.95

Sweet Corn and Fresh Asparagus Soup £3.95
Hot and Sour Soup £3.95
Mixed Vegetables  Soup £3.95

Buddha Delight (Tofu, Mixed Vegetables) £8.95
Sweet and Sour Mock Chicken £8.95
Deep Fried Mock Chicken (tofu)
in Mandarin Sauce(Garlic, spicy sauce) £8.95
Tofu, Mixed Vegetables with Satay Sauce £8.95
Aubergine Tofu, Mixed Vegetables in Black Bean Sauce £8.95
Spicy Roasted Salt & Pepper with Tofu  £8.95
Deep Fried Tofu in Spicy Sichuan Sauce £8.95
Tofu with Fine Green Bean & Chilli £8.95
Curried Mixed Vegetables £8.95
Stir-Fried Vegetable & Asparagus with Cashew Nut £8.95
Mixed Vegetables with Fried Noodles £9.95
Singapore Style Mixed Vegetables with Rice Vermicelli £9.95
Mixed Vegetables Fried Rice with Spices £9.95

Our Chef Highly Recommend the Following Banquet for Two or More People to Share
not available during December


MENU “A” £22.50 per person. For two or more people


Cream Sweet Corn Soup with Chicken or

Peking Hot and Sour Soup 


Four Styles Signature Appetiser with Crispy Fried Kale;

Crispy Hoi Sin Duck Spring Roll, Crispy Beef Samosa, King Prawn with Sesame on Toast, Skewered Spicy Chicken with Satay Sauce 

ADD ON CRISPY DUCK WITH PANCAKE 1/4 £12.95  1/2 £21.95

MAIN choose one dish per person if party has less than 5 people. All the dishes served with Egg Fried Rice

Chicken with Chilli & Garlic Sauce

Sizzling Roasted Pork with Spring Onion &Ginger Garlic Sauce 

Crispy Beef with Sweet Chilli Sauce

Sizzling Lamb Fillet in Golden Garlic and Roasted Spices

King Prawn with Mixed Vegetable and Cashew Nuts 


MENU “B” £30.50 per person. For two or more people


Spare Ribs with Roasted Spices

Sirloin Steak Roll with Herbs in Black Pepper Sauce

Followed by

Two Styles Steamed Dim Sum ;

Trio Mushroom Dumpling, Crystal King Prawn with Asparagus Dumpling 


Crispy Aromatic Duck with Pancakes, Hoi Sin sauce

MAIN choose one dish per person if party has less than 5 people. All the dishes served with Egg Fried Rice

Chicken with Thai Basil, Golden Garlic in Supreme Three Sauces

Sizzling Steak with Teriyaki Sauce

Sizzling Tiger King Prawn in Black Bean Sauce

Sizzling Sea Bass Fillets in Supreme Soy Sauce

Boneless Lamb Shank Stew in Panang Curry Sauce


VEGETARIAN £19.50 per person. For two or more people


Crispy Three Styles Spring Vegetable Dim Sum

Sweet Corn Cake with Raisins spices, Vegetables Samosa, Spring Onion Pancake 


Crispy Mock Duck with pancakes, vegetables, hoisin sauce 

MAIN choose one dish per person if party has less than 5 people.All the dishes served with Egg Fried Rice 

Deep Fried Tofu with Spicy Sichuan Sauce

Sizzling Mock Chicken and Aubergine in Black Bean, Spring Onion Sauce 

Stir Fried Bean curd, French Fine Bean with Chilli & Garlic

Asparagus & Mixed Vegetable with Cashew nuts 

Sweet and Sour Mock Chicken 

Mixed Vegetable, Tofu in Spicy Thai Coconut Sauce





If you have any food allergies or intolerances, please do not hesitate to ask our waiting staff for further information .

Guests with severe allergies or intolerances should be aware that although all due care is taken, there is a risk of allergen ingredients still being present.
Please note, any bespoke orders requested cannot be guaranteed as entirely allergen free and will be consumed at the guest’s own risk.